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Reduces any active window in your desktop and leaves just its title bar visible
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If you are one of those persons easily saddened by their desktop being cluttered with windows that they cannot close because they are simultaneously working with all of them, WinRoll might be just the right solution for you. It provides your system with a novelty feature - the chance to reduce any active window leaving just its title bar visible, thus freeing up valuable space in your desktop area.

WinRoll does not come with a proper interface - it only works through a small icon that installs into your System Tray area. You can click on this icon to enable or disable the program's operation. On the other hand, right-clicking on it displays a menu allowing you not only to enable/disable the application, but also to access the only windows this program provides - Options and About.

Once the program is enabled and running, all you have to do is right-click on any window's title bar to automatically roll it up. Right-clicking on it again will restore the window to its normal size and appearance. Alternatively, you can also right-click on the window's minimize button while pressing the shift key to turn it into a simple icon in your System Tray area. An additional function allows you to set a certain level of transparency, which you can then apply to any window by right-clicking on its title bar while pressing the shift key. Through the Options window, you can tell the program to automatically launch itself on startup, to ignore the mouse's middle button or not, to set the already mentioned level of transparency and define what to do with the programs you minimize to the System Tray area - transform them into icons or menu elements. You can also configure the program to hide its own icon from the System Tray area after a while.

This program does not install itself onto the "Add/Remove" list at the Windows' Control Panel, though it does provide you with an "uninstall" option within the program's group. Despite not offering a main window to work with, it performs all the functionality it promises in an excellent way - thus, I would highly recommend it.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Very easy to use
  • Very light


  • Does not display a main window
  • Does not install itself on the "Add/Remove Programs" list at the Windows' Control Panel
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